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Widow Care Activity

In our land there are number of widows, aged people, who lost their wives, husbands. Among these aged people some are not having children. So when they become old people if they don't have property or money nobody will take care of them. So they will become totally destitute. Some aged people are neglected by their sons because their sons do not want them. So these aged people get out from the homes and beg in the streets suffering with natural calamities. Since two years we are running one aged and widow home with 20 members. Some are lost their husbands by HIV/AIDS. Due to lack of facility in our compound we put them in our church members houses, we are praying to build one home. We have enough land to build.

Plz Pray for my dear brother’s / sisters….
“BY FAITH ALONE WE DO ALL THESE MINISTRIES, BECAUSE OUR MIGHTY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST IS WITH US” My Dear Brother’s / Sisters – You can any Possible any Help this Widows… GOD BLESS YOU Brother’s & Sister’s…



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