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My Name is Pastor. K. ELISHA from India. I was idol worshipper. I was studying in Tenth Class this question come to me, “WHO IS GOD”? The answer was that God is above men, limitation. He must not be entangled in sex or love of self, He must be HOLY. With the thoughts, I compared my gods and found they are below the standard, they have Immoral lives and steal and cheat. So, I came to the conclusion that there is no GOD. I used to argue with my friends that there is no heaven or hell.
But, one day my friends are distribute tracts about JESUS, who is living SAVIOUR. I was deadly against of their faith and action. I attacked them both mentally and physically. One of these nights I have seen a piece of tracts in my note book. (Still I do not know how it come to my book) In which I have read

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Greeting's in the Name of Jesus Christ ,I Hope you are well in your family.. My Dear Brother & Sister - Pray every day for this Praayer Request.
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Praise the lord brother's & Sister's - Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ My Dear Brother's & Sisters my ministry Future Projects...
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